The college offers many scholarships on merit based and financial aid on need based.

Scholarships - Merit Based
Your college education is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. The college has open policy for the scholarships based on the merits earned by the students. All the students get these scholarships under the criteria they fall in.
List of the scholarships available at CCRC for 10 + 2 studies are:
  • SLC Board Toppers Scholarships
  • SLC District Toppers Scholarships
  • CCRC Entrance Toppers Scholarships
Scholarships according to SLC percentage
  • Students above 85%
  • Students above 80%
  • Students above 75%
  • Students above 70%
Financial Aid - Need Based
Financially needy students will get the scholarships to the study at CCRC . To get this scholarships students must fill up scholarships form and write an application justifying the reason along with all supportive documents.
Types of Scholarships:

​​- Principal Scholarships

- David L. Cooperrider Scholarship

- Poor and Intelligent students scholarships

- Scholarships for differently able and orphan students

- Remote areas Scholarships

- CCRC Alumni Scholarships

- Scholarship for national and regional level Players

- Scholarship for star performer in art and music

- Additional scholarships for management students

Apart from these, CCRC has been proudly honoring martyrs's children and children of the injured during the popular people's movement by providing scholarships.

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With pleasant physical and educational facilities +2 program furnishes the students with wide range of options which make it stand highly resourceful in the market.

Students Views

I am proud of being a part of Jubilant. I found so appropriate environment to grow both socially and academically.

Arjun Shrestha
Arjun Shrestha

I really feel proud of being a student of Jubilant College. I would miss many things and I would not be so confident if I were not here.

Merina Shrestha
Merina Shrestha

I will always remember my funful & fruitful days in my +2 years in Jubilant.

Shristi Khadgi
Shristi Khadgi

"Simply the best college. I think I had made the right decision of joining this college. I have explored my future over here".

Mohammad Samim Alam
Mohammad Samim Alam